Medical Care Committee

The Medical Care Committee at Albertian Institute of Science & Technology is committed to safeguarding the health and welfare of the student population. Its primary objective is to deliver convenient and efficient medical services to students. The Committee comprises individuals from the college administration, healthcare experts, student representatives, and possibly faculty advisors. The Committee is tasked with organizing and overseeing the placement of first-aid kits in buses, laboratories, the library, and classrooms. Additionally, it establishes an on-campus medical emergency centre and ensures the availability of an ambulance for emergencies within the college premises.


The Medical Care Committee envisions a vibrant and healthy learning environment where all students can thrive academically and personally ensuring access to preventative and curative medical services, regardless of background or financial limitations.


Our core mission is to focus on providing accessible and appropriate medical care to all students, raise awareness about healthy habits, preventive measures, & available resources dedicated to safeguarding the health and well-being of engineering students by fostering a healthy campus environment.


  • Facilitate access to medical care: Help students navigate appointments, insurance issues, or finding specialists.
  • Promote health awareness: Organize workshops on stress management, healthy living, or first-aid training.
  • Advocate for student needs: Lobby the college administration for improved medical facilities, resources, or extended hours at the health centre
  • Oversee existing medical facilities: This could be a health centre on campus, partnerships with nearby hospitals, or arrangements of ambulances and arranging awareness workshops.


  • Prof. Paul Ansel V., VP, Administration – Chairperson
  • Prof. Nithya John, Associate Professor, Dept. of CE – Convener
  • Prof. Amrutha Solomon, Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE –  Secretary
  • Mr. Eldho Binoy, Student Volunteer, CSE
  • Ms. Shana Usman -Student Volunteer, ECE
  • Mr. A K Amarnath – Student Volunteer, EEE
  • Mr. Glen George P P – Student Volunteer, ME
  • Ms. Alna Shine – Student Volunteer, CE


  • The workshop “BEFIRST TO AID & SAVE LIVES” was organized by the AISAT Medical Care Committee in association with Aster Emergency Medicine Team on 27th November 2023.From Aster Emergency Medicine Dr. Nilu Sunil and her team of staffs coordinated the program in AISAT campus.The main topic in discussion was awareness of Basic Life supports which was provided to students in detail. Few of the main topics discussed were on CPR for both adults and Kids, Stroke prevention and on Choking.

  • On 07th April 2024 in association with world health day a Zumba session was organized in AISAT Campus to raise awareness about health issues and promote healthy living among students on campus.

  • On the same day, a wheelchair inauguration was conducted in the campus as a wheelchair was donated to the Medical Care Committee by a Mr. Ajai Philip founder of STARDECOR.