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Department of Civil Engineering

We create Engineers
and not just
Engineering Graduates


To create technically competent and industry ready Civil Engineers having innovative and leadership qualities to serve the society and nation


Provide technical skills par excellence to face the challenges in the field of civil engineering.

Promote innovative and original thinking in the minds of budding engineers

Generate research opportunities by undertaking collaborative projects through institute industry interaction.

Create quality engineers to provide solutions to the emerging societal problems and advance entrepreneurial ventures.

Experienced Teachers

Professional Training

Merit Based Scholarships

Teachers and Instructors

Dr. Veena V


Dr. Benny Mathews Abraham

HoD & Professor

Dr. Bindumol T.V


Ms. Liji Anna Mathew

Associate Professor

Ms. Saranya Ullas

Assistant Professor

Ms. Sheeja M.K

Assistant Professor

Ms. Rinku John

Assistant Professor

Ms. Sree Lekshmi G S

Assistant Professor

Dr. Jerin Joseph

Assistant Professor

Ms. Sherine Justine

Assistant Professor

Ms. Aswathy R

Assistant Professor

Ms. Aiswarya Anil

Assistant Professor

Mr. Vilbin Varghese

Assistant Professor

Ms. Nithya John

Assistant Professor

Ms. Feeba George

Assistant Professor

Ms. Saranya Das K

Assistant Professor

Ms. Aleena Tom

Assistant Professor

Ms. Meera Jacob

Assistant Professor

Ms. Savitha Stanly

Assistant Professor

Ms. Jinitha P J


Mr. Antony Rinosh K S


Ms. Omana D V


Ms. Vithu P V


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