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Industry-institution Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) play a crucial role in bridging academia and industry by fostering collaborations. These agreements facilitate knowledge exchange, research partnerships, and skill development initiatives, enhancing students' exposure to real-world challenges. Through MoUs, engineering colleges can offer specialized training, internships, and project opportunities aligned with industry needs, preparing graduates for competitive careers in their respective fields.

MoUs signed with industries 

  1. Indian Concrete Institute (ICI) Kerala Kochi Centre
  2. Graduates’ Association of Consultant Engineers (GRACE)
  4. Indian Geotechnical Society IGS -Kochi Chapter
  5. Association of Piling Specialists (APS)
  6. ICT Academy, Thiruvanthapuram
  7. Kerala State Information Technology Infrastructure Limited, Thiruvananthapuram
  8. Tekosol IT Solutions,Bangalore
  9. Vedant IT Solutions, Kochi
  10. Mind Empowered, Kochi
  11. Resnova Technologies Pvt Ltd, Kochi.
  12. Revertech IT Solutions Pvt Ltd, Kochi
  13. GTT Foundation, Pune
  14. Baker & Grey, Kochi
  15. NAVA Design & Innovation Pvt. Ltd
  17. DADB India Pvt. Ltd
  18. Imperial Electrical Contractors
  19. Tritech Design Academy
  20. Sinro Robotics
  21. Real Power Engineers
  22. Sunverge Pvt. Ltd.
  23. Ever Green Energy Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  24. Energy Conservation Society
  25. Society of Energy Engineers and Managers
  26. Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Limited
  27. Conceptia Konnect
  28. Sea Blue Shipyard Ltd.
  30. Techshore Inspection Services