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AISAT SpaRKe Program

Cultural Clubs

Cultivating Unity in Diversity: Join Cultural Clubs and Embark on a Journey of Shared Heritage.

Specialized Clubs

Innovate, Collaborate, Elevate: Specialized Clubs Pave the Way for Unique Excellence.

Sports Clubs

Championing Team Spirit, Igniting Excellence: Our Sports Clubs Define Athletic Greatness.

Crafting Joy, Nurturing Passions

“From Interests to Impact: Our Clubs Transform Hobbies into Platforms for Growth and Community.

Parent Teacher Association

The Parent Teacher Association looks into all the activities of the college for the betterment of the facilities and overall functioning of the Institution. PTA meetings will be conducted on a regular basis. Parents will be periodically informed about the academic as well as other status of their wards. The objectives of the association are:

  • To work for the welfare of students, teachers and for the development of the institution.
  • To foster and promote good relationship among the members of the teaching staff, student and parent/guardians of the students.

Staff Club

The staff club is formed to cater to the recreational needs of the faculty, and to strengthen the interpersonal relationship among them. Programmes are arranged to develop synergy, teamwork, research oriented minds etc. among the young motivated talented group of faculty members. Staff club is the coordinating body of the activities of common interest among the teaching staff. All faculty members are members of the staff club.

Nature Club

With “The quest for sensible, greener options” as its motto, the major activities of the Nature Club include organizing tree plantation projects, sessions on conservation, clean-up sessions, interaction with wildlife officials and even workshops. The central idea behind these activities is to create awareness about the environmental issues among students.

NSS (National Service Scheme)

The motto of the National Service Scheme is “Not Me, Not You, But We”. This unit aims to inculcate social welfare thoughts in the students, and to provide service to the society without any prejudice. The NSS unit organizes activities such as blood donation camp, social service camp, campus cleaning up, plastic eradication, greening etc.

Yoga/Meditation Centre

Yoga and meditation are effective to exercise control over mind and soul and helps to gain overall balance and focus. The college has established a yoga and meditation centre for the students, which is being run under the guidance of astute trainers. Yoga classes are to be seen as part of curriculum. Students along with staff participate in the yoga and meditation classes to lead a stress free life.

Students Counselling Cell

The students counselling cell offers free and confidential counselling to students on individual or group basis. Arrangements have been made to have professional counsellors available for personal counselling. The office provides a confidential atmosphere in which students can explore any topic or situation and discuss any concerns they may have. The cell also organizes workshops and presentations on a variety of psychological issues.

Training and Placement Cell

The Placement & Training cell handles all aspects of campus placements for the graduating students of this College. The Placement & Training Cell is well equipped with excellent infrastructure to support each and every stage of the placement processes. The cell is proactively involved in the vocational programmes including personality development programme, technical seminars and training of the second and pre final year students, apart from organizing various discussion with field experts for the betterment of the knowledge of the students. The college has also taken the initiative to form a consortium of placement officers of various Engineering colleges in the state.

Industry – Institute Interaction Cell

Industry-Institute interaction cell will nurture and develop the students into industry-ready professionals through exposure to real time industry working and practice, byway of in-plant training in leading industries. A committee consisting of representatives from different industries and the faculty will monitor the activities of the cell. The cell also plans to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a few reputed IT companies and industries of the state. The activities of the cell include organizing technical talks and national seminars to provide a platform for the budding engineers to interact with professionals of various industries. Practicing Engineers are invited to deliver talks which help students understand the practical side of their curriculum learning and get a feel of the work culture.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cell

The cell aims to motivate students to take up the challenges of entrepreneurship and to promote creative thinking and expose the youth to latest innovations and entrepreneurial success stories. Entrepreneurship cell will be an organized group of students getting together to discuss each other’s ideas and to help build it into something feasible and solid.

This unit organizes activities such as Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps, Entrepreneurship Development Programmes, Faculty Development Programmes and Skill Development Programmes in the college for the benefit of students and faculty. A Product Development Cell has been established with the objective of recognizing the spirit of innovation amongst the students of the college.

HAM Radio Club

Ham radio is for anyone who likes to communicate with others via wireless technology. It is also for anyone who enjoys experimentation. Licensed amateur radio operators communicate with each other in nearby places, across the country, around the world or even with astronauts in outer space. Amateur radio is a worldwide group of people who communicate with each other over a wide frequency spectrum using many different types of wireless transmitting modes. In every semester the club conducts guest lectures, awareness programs and workshops for the benefit of the members.

Sports and Cultural Club

The Sports Club will manage all the sports activities of the college. This club aims to develop physical stamina among the students and also to develop a sense of team sprit and sense of discipline among students. Sports club encourage students to participate in various games like cricket, football, badminton etc. The cultural club of our college conducts various cultural and literary competitions. Organizing the college fest, participating in various other fests of different colleges etc. are some of the main activities of this club.