Our Patron

St. Albert the Great
Our Patron Saint

St. Albert the Great, the heavenly patron of the college was born in Cologne in 1206. Filled with a rare sense of perception and an understanding of the cosmos, he was not only a great scholar but also a miracle of his age.

At one point of his service to the Lord he resigned the office of bishop to continue as a professor. It is a fact which bears ample testimony to his abiding interest in education. The sanctity of his life, the profundity of his knowledge and the universality of his love attracted the attention and elicited the admiration of one and all. Saint Albert is one among the most noted Christian scholars.

He died in 1280 and was canonized later in 1931. Saint Albert’s knowledge of natural science was considerable and for the age remarkably accurate. His industry in every department was great: not only did he produce commentaries and paraphrases of the entire Aristotelian corpus, including his scientific works, but St. Albert also added to and improved upon them.

His books on topics like botany, zoology, and minerals included information from ancient sources, but also results of his own empirical investigations.