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Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

We create Engineers
and not just
Engineering Graduates


“To generate technically competent employable Engineers for the Electronics and Communication industry who will work towards the betterment of society and nation.”


Impart knowledge in the field of electronics with ample opportunities for practice, research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Adapt to technological advancements by regular interactions with experts from industry and academicians to generate quality professionals.

Provide value based education to develop socially responsible engineers.

Experienced Teachers

Professional Training

Merit Based Scholarships

Teachers and Instructors

Mr. Paul Ansel V

Vice Principal & Associate Professor

Dr. Neenu Joseph

HoD & Associate Professor

Dr. Saju A

Associate Professor

Ms. Sonu Varghese

Associate Professor

Ms. Anu Antony

Associate Professor

Mr. Tubin T.X

Assistant Professor

Ms. Reshma Mary Jose

Assistant Professor

Ms. Pearl Antonette Mendez

Assistant Professor

Ms. Ambily Joseph

Assistant Professor

Ms. Milna M J

Assistant Professor

Ms. Neethu Varghese

Assistant Professor

Mr. Gregorious Jose C

Assistant Professor

Dr. Ann Varghese

Assistant Professor

Mr. Vineesh K

Trade Instructor

Ms. Anila Sebastian

Lab Instructor

Ms. Dimple Attokaran

Lab Instructor

Ms. Neethu Kennady

Lab Instructor

Program Educational Objectives

Program Specific Objectives

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