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Extra-Curricular Committee / Cultural Committee


The AISAT Cultural Committee is a vibrant and dynamic committee dedicated to encouraging students’ creativity and cultural understanding. It offers a variety of events and activities, including performing arts, art exhibitions, and cultural festivals, to allow students to express their talents. The committee contributes significantly to the campus environment and feeling of community by celebrating diversity and encouraging inclusivity.


Our vision is to establish an engaging, all-encompassing cultural setting which encourages inventiveness, harmony, and overall student growth while also acknowledging the various cultural backgrounds of those belonging in our school.


Our mission is to organize a vast variety of cultural activities and events which help students to take part in them, display their talents, adding value to campus life. Our main goal is to cultivate artistry among youth, unite people in unity of spirit as well as offer chances for changing managerial habits for students.


  • Promote Cultural Awareness: To increase awareness and appreciation of diverse cultural traditions and artistic expressions within the college community.
  • Encourage Student Participation: To actively engage students in cultural events and activities, encouraging broad participation across all disciplines and backgrounds.
  • Showcase Talent: To provide a platform for students to showcase their artistic talents in music, dance, theater, visual arts, and other cultural forms.
  • Enhance Skills Development: To offer opportunities for students to develop and enhance their leadership, organizational, and interpersonal skills through involvement in cultural activities and event planning.
  • Foster Community Spirit: To strengthen the sense of community and belonging among students by organizing inclusive and diverse cultural events that bring people together.
  • Celebrate Heritage: To celebrate and preserve the rich cultural heritage of our college and the wider community through traditional and contemporary cultural expressions.
  • Collaborate with Stakeholders: To build partnerships with local cultural organizations, artists, and alumni to enrich the cultural life of the college.
  • Promote Sustainability: To ensure that cultural events and activities are organized in an environmentally sustainable manner, promoting awareness of and responsibility for sustainable practices.
  • Support Innovation: To encourage innovative and creative approaches to cultural programming, adapting to new trends and technologies to enhance student engagement.
  • Evaluate and Improve: To regularly assess the impact of our cultural activities and events, seeking feedback from participants and continuously improving our offerings to better serve the college community.


Prof. Paul Ansel V., VP Administration – Chairperson

Prof. Neethu Elsa John, Assistant Professor, Dept. of ME – Convener

Prof. Neethu Rose T.H, Assistant Professor – Dept. of ASH- Secretary

Dr. Manoj Jose Kalathil, Associate Professor-Dept. of ME – Tech Fest (Coordinator)

Prof. Sebin Jose, Associate Professor-Dept. of CSE – AISAT day, External conferences/ Tech fest/ contests -participation (Coordinator)

Ms. Jinitha P, Technical Staff- Dept. of CE, Member

Ms. Anuja Janson, Technical Staff- Dept. of EEE, Member

Ms. Neethu Kennedy, Technical Staff- Dept. of ECE, Member


AARAVAM 2023Annual Onam celebration, Aaravam 2023, was organized by cultural committee on 25th August 2023. Various games and traditional cultural programmes were conducted as part of the celebrations.

FRESHERS DAY 2023- Freshers Day celebration for welcoming the first year students of the academic year 2023-2024 was organized by cultural committee on November 1st 2023.

SANTAZEN 2023- Christmas Celebrations of 2023 was organized by cultural committee on 22nd December 2023. Various cultural programmes and games for students were organized as part of Santazen.

MERI JAAN- VALENTINES DAY 2024-Valentine’s Day celebrations, MeriJaan, was organized on 14th February 2024, in association with College Union.

HOLI 2024- Holi Celebrations of 2024 was conducted on 22nd March from 3 PM till 4.30 PM. Students actively participated in celebrating the festival of colors.

CHRYSALIS 2024– Annual art fest of AISAT, Chrysalis’24, was organized on 29th April 2024 and 30th April 2024. Competitions of various performing arts and literary arts were organized as part of he arts. Chrysalis 2024 was inaugurated by cast and crew of the movie Pavi CareTaker. Live Musical Performance by Oh My Art was organized on Day 1 of Chrysalis 2024.

AISAT DAY 2024- Annual College Day celebration, AISAT DAY was conducted on 30th April 2024. The event was inaugurated by Mr. Rijin John, CEO of Maker Village. College magazine, Akshara 2024, was released by the chief guest and Best Outgoing student of 2023-2024 was awarded to Ms. Praise Ammini Paul of Civil Engineering during the event.

CHOREO CLASH- Intercollege dance competition, CHOREO CLASH, was organized as part of Chrysalis 2024. A competition had a prize pool of Rs.60,000. Seven colleges across the Kerala participated in the event.