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Counselling Cell

The cell comprises of 6 faculty members with experience in mentoring students and two visiting counsellors who visit the campus on a weekly basis.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Diagnose the learning difficulties of students and help them to overcome the same.
  2. Help the students to overcome stress or fear related to studies and examination.
  3. Ensure comfort while working with students from a variety of social and economic backgrounds.
  4. Solve personal problems of student by conducting individual counselling session
  5. Boost self-esteem of weaker /physically challenged students.

The members in the counselling cell for the current academic year are:

  • Prof. Dhanya George P, Convener, Department of Applied Science and Humanities.
  • Rev. Sr. Dr. Ruby George K, Visiting Counsellor
  • Ms. Rose Francis, Visiting Counsellor
  • Prof. Aleena Tom, Department of Civil Engineering
  • Prof. Tubin T.X., Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Prof. Jayesh Johnson, Department of Mechanical Engineering