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The career guidance cell at AISAT stands as a pillar of support and guidance for students as they embark on their professional paths. Through personalized interactions, workshops, and seminars, it equips students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence necessary to navigate the complexities of the job market. From assisting with higher studies to nurturing entrepreneurial aspirations and fostering inclusivity, the cell is dedicated to empowering every student, irrespective of their background or aspirations. It ensures that students are well-prepared to embark on meaningful and fulfilling careers upon graduation.


To cultivate a culture of continuous learning, ensuring that students emerge prepared with the competencies and insights necessary to excel in an ever-evolving global scenario.


To provide comprehensive career guidance to students, facilitating their transition into the professional world with confidence and competence.


  • Deliver support to students, aiding them in identifying their passions, strengths, and professional objectives.
  • Conduct workshops, seminars, and training sessions to refine students’ interpersonal abilities and industry-specific skills, preparing them for the demands of the professional world.
  • Arrange opportunities for students to engage with professionals and experts in various fields through guest lectures, broadening their comprehension of potential career trajectories.
  • Offer guidance and resources to students interested in entrepreneurship.
  • Ensure accessibility and relevance of career guidance services to students from diverse backgrounds.


Prof. Jose V Mathew, Director, P&T Cell, Dept. of ME- Chairperson

Dr. Saju A, Associate Professor, Dept. of ECE – Convenor

Prof. Lekshmi Babu, Dept. of EEE – Secretary

Dr. Jude Martin Mendez, HoD,  Dept. of ASH- Member

Prof. Nithya John, Assistant Professor, Dept. of CE- Member

Prof. Chinnu Edwin A, Assistant Professor,  Dept. of CSE- Member

Prof. JVC Maliackal, Assistant Professor, Dept. of ME- Member


  • Department of Civil Engineering along with career guidance cell of AISAT conducted a session on 13th of December on the topic “OPPORTUNITIES IN CIVIL ENGINEERING”. The session was coordinated by Prof Nithya John(Faculty coordinator from CE) and led by Ms. Praise Ammini Paul, student representative from career guidance cell (CE Dept). Students of S1 Civil engineering were the target audience.

  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering in association with career guidance cell organized an online talk on “Career Opportunities for CS” on 21/12/2023, 10am for one hour. The program was coordinated by Chinnu Edwin (Faculty coordinator from CSE). This talk provided an insightful overview of the diverse and rewarding career opportunities available to graduates in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE). The speakers discussed the various specializations within CSE, from software development and data science to artificial intelligence and cyber security.
  • Student’s career guidance cell of AISAT in association with FLAME conducted a session on 19 December on the topic “Application of Design in Mechanical Engineering”. The session was conducted by Mr. Jess Boban, Engineer, Navalt Solar & Electric Boats Pvt. Limited and Alumni of AISAT. The session was started by welcoming our speaker by Mr. J V C Maliackal. Mr Jess Boban started his session by pointing out the relevance of choosing out the best career options after B.Tech course.

  • Students career guidance cell of AISAT along with Department of EEE conducted a session on 28th of December on the topic “CAREER OPPORTUNITIES FOR ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING”. The program was coordinated by Lekshmi Babu (Faculty coordinator from EEE). The session was handled by Er.Vinayachandran . P, Electrical Chief, Operations & Maintenance Electrical, Abu Dhabi Oil Company.

  • Department of ECE in association with Career guidance cell organized a program “Interview Etiquette” on 21 December2023 at 10 am. The program was coordinated by Saju A (Faculty coordinator from ECE). Ms. Sania Rajeev (Student representative – Career Guidance cell) handled the session. The program aimed to equip attendees with the necessary skills and insights to navigate interviews successfully. It provided a comprehensive understanding of the etiquettes essential for making a positive impression during job interviews.

  • The Career guidance cell organized a seminar “How to face CAT/GRE/GATE/GMAT” on 23 Apr 2024 for pre-final year students. The resource persons were Mr. Renu Francis, Academic Head(CAT),TIME, Kochi and Mr. Aswin Variyar, Academic Head (GRE/GMAT), TIME, Kochi. The seminar equipped thestudents with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to excel in the GRE, GMAT, GATE and CAT exams.