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Department of Mechanical Engineering

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Dear Students, Faculty Members, and Visitors,

Welcome to the Mechanical Engineering Department at Albertian Institute of Science and Technology, established in 2012. Throughout the preceding years, we have honed our expertise and proficiency in the foundational Mechanical Engineering curriculum and research.

Our department delivers an engineering curriculum grounded in scientific principles. The primary aim of our educational approach is to equip students with technical expertise, nurture their problem-solving abilities, and foster innovation in emerging technologies. Students are encouraged to collaborate on various research projects in small teams.

Recognized as one of the most dynamic and engaged departments within AISAT, our Mechanical Engineering Department is committed to the pursuit of total Quality Education.

We take pride in our well-equipped training facilities for computational manufacturing processes and are actively planning workshops spanning diverse fields and a Faculty Development Program focused on Industrial Computer Numerical Control Machines, aimed at enriching both students and faculty. Beyond formal technical education, our department is dedicated to instilling a structured moral and ethical framework in our students. We provide personalized mentorship to cultivate socially responsible individuals who contribute not only to technical advancements but also to societal welfare.

This website serves as a comprehensive resource, offering insights into our academic programs, research initiatives, faculty profiles, research facilities, and student activities. Whether you are a prospective undergraduate student or a visitor, we trust you will find valuable information here to enhance your understanding of our department.