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“We honor our leaders and visionaries who steer the institution through various eras, leaving an indelible mark on its legacy.” 

Official bodies in AISAT play a crucial role in overseeing various aspects of academic and administrative functions. These bodies are typically composed of experienced professionals, faculty members, and administrative personnel who collaborate to ensure the institution’s smooth operation and adherence to standards. The Academic Council, for instance, is responsible for shaping the academic policies, curriculum development, and evaluating the quality of education provided. Meanwhile, the Governing Body often holds the ultimate decision-making authority, overseeing the strategic direction and financial aspects of the institution. Additionally, other committees are divided into three categories, namely, Statutory Bodies, Functional Committees and Clubs & Associations.

Department Advisory Council

Department Advisory Committee has been constituted with experts from prestigious institutions and eminent engineers from industries. They meet once in a year and review the progress made by each department every year, with regard to the long term goals of the departments. They also help to identify potential areas for academic growth of the institution. The needs of the industry are discussed in the meeting, which helps the faculty to plan programs to increase the employability of the students and professional growth of the faculty

Objectives of DAC
To finalise and review the Vision, Mission, PEOs and PSOs of the Department.
To formulate a long term plan for overall development of the Department.
To promote academic / professional interactions with other institutions / organizations for joined research and projects, consultancy / field exposure among faculty.
To provide opportunity for faculty to interact with senior professors/professionals of national institutes / research centers / professional organization.
To formulate new academic programs / short term courses / training facilities /seminars for student and staff development.


Dr. S Jose, Principal, AISAT

Er. Suresh S, M D Associated Structural Consultants, Ernakulam

Dr. Subha V, Professor, School of Engineering CUSAT

Dr. Benny Mathews Abraham, HOD Civil Engineering

Dr. Veena  V, Vice Principal, AISAT

Mr. Paul Thannikot , Parent Representative

Ms. Neba C Tony, Alumni Representative

Dr. Bindhumol T V, Associate Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering ,AISAT

Prof. Sheeja M K Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering ,AISAT

Prof. Rinku John Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering ,AISAT

Prof. Sreelekshmi G S Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering ,AISAT

Prof. Vilbin Varghese Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering ,AISAT