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Office of the Controller of Examinations

Fostering an environment where merit and diligence are celebrated

"At the Albertian Institute of Science & Technology, the Office of the Controller of Examinations stands as the guardian of academic integrity and fairness, ensuring that every student's journey is marked by transparency and excellence."

The Office of the Controller of Examinations at Albertian Institute of Science & Technology, Kalamassery is the hub of academic evaluation and assessment procedures. With a dedicated team committed to ensuring the integrity and fairness of examinations, our office oversees the entire examination process, from scheduling to result declaration. We uphold the highest standards of transparency, accuracy, and confidentiality in all our operations, ensuring that students’ academic achievements are accurately reflected. Our goal is to facilitate a smooth and efficient examination experience for students while upholding the academic rigor and integrity of our institution.

Our Team

Our Examination Committee is a well-structured unit comprising esteemed faculty members and diligent non-teaching staff from various departments. Under the proficient guidance of the Principal, who serves as the Chief Superintendent, and the Controller of Examinations, who serves as the Deputy Chief Superintendent, we strive to uphold the highest standards of examination management.

Key Responsibilities

  • Internal Examinations: Coordinating and conducting periodic internal assessments to continuously evaluate and enhance student performance.
  • End-Semester Examinations: Organizing end-semester exams with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring adherence to KTU’s guidelines and timelines.
  • Result Processing: Accurate and prompt processing of internal examination results, providing timely feedback to students and stakeholders.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring all examination procedures comply with KTU regulations and maintaining a transparent, fair examination environment.
  • Support and Assistance: Offering guidance and support to students and faculty regarding examination-related queries and issues.

Commitment to Excellence

At AISAT, we are committed to fostering an environment of academic excellence and integrity. Our Examination Cell plays a critical role in this mission by ensuring that all examination processes are conducted efficiently, fairly, and transparently. We continuously strive to improve our procedures and embrace innovative practices to better serve our students and faculty.

For any inquiries or further information about our examination processes, please feel free to contact the Examination Cell. We are here to assist you in every step of your academic journey.

Examination Committee

Dr. Veena V., Principal

Prof. Arun V., Associate Professor & Controller of Examinations

Prof. Deepu John (Secretary, Electrical & Electronics Engineering)

Members From the Faculty
Prof. Feeba George (Civil Engineering)
Prof. Anson Antony (Computer Science & Engineering)
Prof. Tubin T X (Electronics & Communication Engineering)
Prof. Antony Joseph (Mechanical Engineering)
Prof. Shereeta D’Cotha (Applied Science & Humanities)

Members from office/lab
Ms. Vidhu P V (Civil Engineering)
Mr. Brodwin (Computer Science & Engineering)
Ms. Anuja Janson (Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
Ms. Neethu Kennedy (Electronics & Communication Engineering)
Mr. Subramanian V A (Mechanical Engineering)
Mr. Ashwin Varghese (Office)

Disciplinary Action Committee for KTU Examinations


Dr. Veena V., Principal


Prof. Asha K R, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering


Prof. Nisy John Panicker, Computer Science & Engineering

Members from the Faculty

Prof. Sree Lekshmi G S, Civil Engineering 
Prof. Nisy John Panicker, Computer Science & Engineering 
Prof. Annie Bincy C.A, Electrical & Electronics Engineering 
Prof. Tubin T X, Electronics & Communication Engineering 
Prof. Asha K R, Mechanical Engineering 
Prof. Shereeta D’Cotha, Applied Science & Humanities 

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Malpractice Prevention Committee

Chief Superintendent 

Dr. Veena V., Principal 

Controller of examinations / Deputy Superintendent 

Prof. Arun V 


HoDs of concerned Department

Members From the Faculty

Dr. Benny Mathews Abraham, Civil Engineering
Dr. Jeswin Roy Dcouth, Computer Science & Engineering 
Dr. Linss T Alex, Electrical & Electronics Engineering 
Dr. Neenu Joseph, Electronics & Communication Engineering
Dr. Ramadas T., Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Jude Martin Mendez, Applied Science & Humanities

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