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Analog  Integrated Circuits lab

 Faculty in charge : Ms.Pearl Antonette Mendez

Technical staff in charge: Ms. Dimple Attokkaran (Lab Instructor)

                                             Mr.Vineesh  K  (Trade  Instructor)

This lab is assigned for analog integrated circuits lab course of 5th semester undergraduate B.Tech. students of branch Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering and first year Electronics Workshop.

The objective of this laboratory is to analyse , design, implement as well as simulate the analog electronic circuits using linear ICs like LM 741,555 Timer and 7805 IC.The major equipments are function generator, CRO, multimeter, rheostat, voltmeter, ammeter etc. Experiments includes hardware type, software type simulation experiments LT Spice.Students gain knowledge and able to design analog electronics circuits using ICs. It helps to construct mini electronic projects which can be used for practical applications.

Electronics Engineering Workshop course provides a basic introduction of electronic hardware systems and provides hands-on training with familiarization, identification, testing, assembling, dismantling, fabrication and repairing such systems by making use of the various tools and instruments available in the Electronics Workshop. Experiments-for the Familiarization and testing of electronic components (Active, Passive, Electrical, Electronic, Electro-mechanical, Wires, Cables, Connectors, Fuses, Switches, Relays, etc. ), instruments (Multimeter, Function Generator, Power supply, CRO); Familiarization, design and fabrication of a single sided PCB. Inter-connection methods and soldering practice; Assembling of electronic circuit/system on general purpose PCB, test and show the functioning- are the experiments conducted in this lab.

Systems Lab

Faculty in charge :            Mr. Vishnu Prasad S

Technical staff in charge: Ms. Dimple Attokkaran (Lab Instructor)                   

The system lab in AISAT is a fully air-conditioned laboratory designed to perform computer simulations of key aspects of Signal processing and communication engineering. It comprise  PCs for students on which simulation softwares like PYTHON, MATLAB, Xilinx IDE, Keil and LTspice are installed. This lab is designed such that it can also function as a smart classroom and seminar room. Every year, basic introductory classes on simulation tools for Electronics and telecommunications are conducted for students using the facilities provided in the lab.

Digital Electronics Lab

Faculty in charge : Ms. Reshma Mary Jose

Technical staff in charge: Ms. Anila Sebastian (Lab Instructor)

The objective of this lab is to perform various experiments to consolidate basic knowledge in digital electronics. Digital IC technology advances year by year at a rate which is unimaginable for other areas of technology. But the basic knowledge remains the same. Every digital system, no matter how complex it is, is built from logic gates and flip-flops. Digital Electronics Lab provides a platform for the students to have hands on experience with digital ICs. The students will be able to have a better understanding about the concepts learned and they will gain experience in designing, testing and realizing digital circuits. The lab is equipped with digital training kits which were developed in-house.

Electronic Circuits lab

Faculty in charge :   Ms. Sonu K Varghese

Technical staff in charge: Ms.Neethu Kennady (Lab Instructor)

Electronic Circuits Lab is associated with the institute core course Analog electronic Circuits, Eletronics Workshop . This lab runs in both the semester and accommodates approximately 120 students per semester. The laboratory has basic electronic experiments on analog circuits.

The Primary objective of this Lab is:

To provide engineering skills by way of breadboard circuit design with electronic devices and components.

To design and analyse various Electronic circuits and digital circuits such as multi-vibrators, Flip- Flop circuits, applications of operational amplifiers, RC coupled amplifiers, oscillators etc. so that students are able to understand the practical aspects of basic electronics theory.

To enable the students to simulate and test the Analog Electronics circuits using Spice  software.

VLSI & Embedded Systems Lab

Faculty in charge :            Ms. Milna M J

Technical staff in charge: Ms. Neethu Kennady (Lab Instructor)

The objective of this lab is to perform different experiments to get a thorough knowledge of the various gates and circuits used in VLSI Design. They get to design the digital circuits in different modeling styles. To add on, they are also exposed to the embedded world using PIC where-in one can program PIC for several functions or can interface it with outside world.The students will be able to have a better understanding about the concepts learned and they will gain experience in designing, testing and implementing digital circuits. The lab is equipped with Simulation software’s like Xilinx IDE and FPGA/PIC Boards.

This laboratory also helps the students to develop their knowledge on processor architecture and the programming skills. This laboratory provides facilities for the use 8051 microcontrollers and their interfacing for different applications, using hardware and software concepts to meet industry standards.

Communication Lab

Faculty in charge :  Mr. Tubin T X

Technical staff in charge: Ms. Anila Sebastian (Lab Instructor), Mr.Vineesh  K  (Trade Instructor)

The Communication Laboratory facilitates the students to understand the basic concepts by providing hands on exercises with Analog Communication circuits. The fundamental concepts such as amplitude and frequency modulation, pulse modulation techniques, filters, oscillators, super heterodyne receiver, time division multiplexing, phase locked loop, signalling techniques like ASK, FSK, PSK are implemented in the lab to reinforce the basic principles introduced during theory lessons.The Laboratory is equipped with Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes, Storage Oscilloscopes, Function Generators, Power Supplies. It has a well stocked store of discrete components and Analog and Digital Integrated circuits to cater to the experiments executed in the lab.

The circuits performing the analog and pulse modulation schemes are experimented on bread boards. Microwave test bench (Klystron tube),the dipole antenna setup , Optical Communication trainer kit and ADALAM –Pluto SDR modules are the highlights of this lab. Modulation and demodulation in both analog and pulse domain, studying the characteristics of klystron tube and VSWR measurement, plotting the radiation pattern of dipole antenna are some of the important experiments conducted in this lab.

Project Lab

Faculty in charge :             Ms. Ambily Joseph

Technical staff in charge: Mr.Vineesh  K  (Trade  Instructor)

The main objective of the Project lab is to help the students to do innovative projects. Project Lab is well equipped with high-performance systems to fulfil the requirement of students’ projects and research needs. Technical staff is available in the laboratory for supporting the students. Apart from the project lab, all the labs under the department are available for use as per the requirement for completing the project work.

Table below shows the facilities available in the project laboratory.

Details of Project Laboratory

System ConfigurationProcessor: Intel core i5



Hard disk Capacity:1TB

Software ToolsMATLAB,  P spice, Proteus, Spyder IDE, HFSS ,Xilinx IDE
Operating SystemWindows & Linux
EquipmentDSO 50MHz


FG 10 MHz

Dual Power Supply

LCR meter

Soldering Iron

Fluke Digital Multimeter

Internet FacilityWired and wireless