About Us


"Through the labs, lectures, and late-night coding sessions, I learned that engineering is not just a degree; it's a mindset at AISAT."

Ms. Navya Eliswa Civil Engineering

"Engineering college isn't just about equations and designs; it's a journey of growth and discovery, where every challenge becomes a stepping stone to success."

Ms. Diya P S Mechanical Engineering

"Being a part of AISAT is like being part of a supportive family. The faculty members are mentors, and the friendships forged here are bonds that go beyond."

Mr. Rison Thomas Philip Computer Science & Engineering

"AISAT is not just about acquiring skills; it's about instilling in us the curiosity to question, the courage to experiment, and the perseverance to succeed."

Suhana Saheer Electrical & Electronics Engineering

"AISAT's emphasis on real-world projects has been transformative. What we gained here is invaluable & gives us an edge in the competitive landscape."

Ms. Fivil Mary Electronics & Communication

Celebrating the journey that shaped us.

“An alumni is a leader, using the skills and knowledge gained from their alma mater to make a positive impact in their community.”