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Scholarships and Fee Waivers

Scholarships to Entrance Top Rank Holders

Fee waiver is granted to students with Kerala Entrance Rank as Follows:

  • Rank up to 10000                                      : No Tuition Fee
  • Rank Between 10001 and 15000              : Rs 15000/- Tuition Fees only
  • Rank Between 15001 and 20000              : Rs 20000/- Tuition Fees only

Scholarship Based on Plus Two PCM Marks

Rev.Fr.Augustine Konnully Memorial Scholarship based on Plus two PCM Marks (Average of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics)

  • For those having above 95% and above          – No Tuition Fee
  • For those having marks between 91% to 95% – Scholarship of Rs. 40,000/-
  • For those having marks between 86% to 90% – Scholarship of  Rs. 30,000/-
  • For those having marks between 76% to 85% – Scholarship of  Rs. 20,000/-
  • For those having marks between 70% to 75% – Scholarship of  Rs. 10,000/-

This will be continued for the following years, provided that there is value addition in the performance of such students.

*eligible for limited applicants


  1. A student can avail any one of the above scholarship schemes. At the time of admission, a student can apply for any one of the above-mentioned schemes.
  2. Merit Scholarship is awarded based on the CGPA/percentage at the time of admission. After the publication of final result, if the CGPA falls below the stipulated CGPA, the scholarship will be considered in appropriate category, if applicable.
  3. Scholarships are liable to be withdrawn, partially or wholly, in case of misconduct, deliberate concealment of materials/facts and/or supply of false information, and/or continued absence of more than one month except on medical grounds.


Laurel is celebrated at AISAT every year to acknowledge the students who proved their excellence in academics. The students who have scored CGPA above 9 are in Managers club. The students who have scored between CGPA 8-9 are in Principal’s club. The students who have scored between CGPA 7-8 are in vice Principal’s Club. (CGPA 7-8). 

AISAT recognizes and congratulates the toppers in each department and appreciate them on their new heights and motivates the students to achieve more excellence in their future.

Best Albertian Award

Best Teacher Award

Best Performer Award for the best performing staff of the College.