Virtual Labs  provide an remote-access to labs in various disciplines of Science and Engineering. Virtual Labs will provide the students to model the physical phenomenon by a set of equations and carrying out simulations to yield the result of the particular experiment. This can, at-the-best, provide an approximate version of the ‘real-world’ experiment. Providing measured data for virtual lab experiments corresponding to the data previously obtained by measurements on an actual system. Remotely triggering an experiment in an actual lab and providing the student the result of the experiment through the computer interface. This would entail carrying out the actual lab experiment remotely.

“These virtual labs would enthuse students to conduct experiments and  in turn focuses on learning basic and advanced concepts through remote experimentation, at times like these (Covid ’19) virtual labs have ensured that student progression are not halted and in fact has speed up the learning process through various experiments by collaborating via remote locations”

Prof. Thomas Felix, Dept. EEE