The more I learn,

the better I see how little I know-

and how little I know of my own capacity to know.

I see that each branch of knowledge

is so rich, so complex one can study a life-time

and still be a beginner.


Teach me how to learn wisely and well.

Help me to master the subjects I need to study,

and never give in to despair or boredom.

Help me to remember how fortunate I am

to be able to study, to grow in knowledge.

Give me wisdom,

that I may treasure knowledge,

and never forget how little I know.

Help me to be diligent, without undue ambition,

and successful, without worshiping success.


Teach me to give each task

its rightful place,

and use my talents to the best of my ability.


Make me strong against temptations,

resolute before distractions,

humble before the truth, and

gracious to the less gifted.


Give me a vision larger than my studies

and greater than my individual success.

Teach me to use my opportunities gratefully,

develop my talents responsibly,

and place my learning at the service of truth and justice.


May I keep learning all through my life,

knowing that, however much I may learn,

there are always new worlds to discover.


Make me wise and strong,

that I may learn from life itself,

consider every one as my teacher,

and never turn away from the light of Your face.

Joe Mannath