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Knowledge Hub for Students

The library serves as a treasure trove for students, providing a vast array of resources that extend beyond traditional textbooks. With an extensive collection of academic journals, digital databases, and multimedia materials, students have access to a wealth of information to supplement their coursework and broaden their perspectives. Additionally, the library's dedicated study spaces foster an environment conducive to focused learning, allowing students to immerse themselves in research and academic exploration.

Research Oasis for Faculty

For faculty members, the library is a hub of intellectual nourishment. Its comprehensive collection of scholarly publications, access to online databases, and interlibrary loan services empower faculty to stay abreast of the latest research developments in their fields. Moreover, the library offers a quiet haven for faculty to engage in concentrated study and collaborative work. The research materials and assistance provided by the library contribute significantly to the faculty's ability to produce high-quality research and publications.

Gateway to Wisdom

“Like a guiding beacon on the stormy seas of academia, the library stands tall as a literary lighthouse, illuminating the path to enlightenment for all who seek knowledge, providing access to the collective wisdom of humanity through the ages

1. About AISAT Library

Welcome to the Library and Information Division of AISAT. It was established in the year 2011, serves as a knowledge hub containing resources not only in the form of print but also in e-resources and provide students with access to a vast repository of resources, including books and Journals both print and online. College library is located in a spacious hall of the main building, A-block for all students and staff members and have to register at library for utilizing the facility.  The Library reading space can accommodate more than 150 students. Entry and Exit in the library controlled through E-Gate.  User identification can be done by smart card reader.  In-time & out-time report of Student’s & staff can be tracked. Library functions such as Acquisition, Circulation, and Cataloguing have been automated using open source software- KOHA and DSPACE used for digital repository.  The working hour is from 8.00 am. to 5.00 pm, on all working days.

Collection of more than 15000 volumes of textbooks and reference books in over 3700 titles in all branches of engineering, science, technology, management and general studies are available.  The titles are categorized into subject wise and branch wise.  Open access system is followed in the library.  Library is following the DDC (Dewey decimal classification) system for organizing the library resources.

2. Mission and Vision

Our Mission

  • We are committed to provide value based education with ample opportunities for research and consultancy.  
  • We take every possible step to enhance the skills and bring out quality professionals, providing a friendly and growth oriented ambience with appropriate resources.
  • We improve ourselves continuous evaluation and updation to meet the challenges and requirements.

Our Vision

  • To be a centre of excellence for professional education and related services creating technically competent and ethically strong innovative minds committed to the overall growth of the nation and beyond.

Objectives of the Library

  • To provide organize and make available for use, a modern and rich set of specialized information to the beneficiaries at the appropriate time.  
  • To assist the beneficiaries in making the most use of the information they discover. 
  • To support research activities and programmes by offering proactive information services.  
  • To be recognized as a world class Engineering College Library that provides excellent learning materials timely and accurate information in various print and non-print formats.   
3. Library Resources

Library Stock as on 04-10-2023

1Total No. of Volumes (Books)15030
2Total No. of Titles3691
3Total No. of Print version National Journals /Magazines44
4Total No. of  Print version International Journals8
5Total Number of News Papers7
6Total No. of E-Journals1370
7Total No. of CD’s (Books)528
8Total No. of CD’s (Periodicals)343
9.Total No. of  Project Reports478

The general collection provides theoretical exposure to various disciplines and has a large collection of books. There are both Academic and General books (Personality development, English Literature, Malayalam Literature,,etc.) available in this section. General Collection

Reference Collection

The resources of the Reference Section contains a sizeable reference collection for quick retrieval of information through  dictionaries, handbooks, yearbooks, textbooks, reference books etc. in different spheres of knowledge. It is the policy of the AISAT Central Library to update these reference sources periodically. These books cannot be taken outside.

Text Book Bank

 To improve the academic performance of the students, a text book bank is also operated by the library.  One set of popular text books on each subject is made available for the benefit of the students.  The set of books can be kept by the student for one semester.  The complete set of books is to be returned to the library after the concerned university examinations.  The aim is to have at least one text book per subject to all students for a nominal reading charge.

Special Collection – Non-Print Materials

In addition to normal printed documents AISAT Central Library has also developed non-print media collection. In this collection about 587 CD-ROMs are available.  For accessing the list of CD-ROMs,click on the link below:

Information Technology Applications at the AISAT Library

In addition to the collection development process, the AISAT Central Library has been venturing into the field of Information and Communication Technology by providing strong infrastructure support to use new technology. The Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) has been activated. It has bibliographical records of books and other materials available in the Central Library. To access the OPAC click the link below:

Serials Collection

The Serials Division of AISAT Central Library has about 44 National Periodicals in various Engineering streams, including popular magazines, 16 international journals and  7 daily newspapers in English and regional language. These materials are meant for reference purpose only and cannot be taken out of the Library. The library subscribes to various journals from publishers like Springer India,  Serial Publications, IIIE, etc….  For accessing the list of serials click on the link given below:

Printed National Journals/ Magazines

Printed International Journals/ Magazines


AISAT Central Library has started providing access to e-resources from April 2011. This service is available only at AISAT premises through IP based access.  These e-journals links can be accessed through OPAC.

Institutional Digital Repository

The Central Library has developed an Institutional Digital Repository using open source software namely DSpace. The Institutional Digital Repository collects preserves and disseminates in digital format the Conference Proceedings, Project Reports, Newspaper clippings, Syllabus, Old question papers, etc. User education programme is conducted at the beginning of new academic year for enabling the users to use the Digital Library resources effectively. Library Staff is ready to assist users in using the digital repository. The repository can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

Online Question Papers

Soft copies of previous year question papers of B. Tech/M. Tech. University Examinations are available online at DSpace Web Site. For accessing the same click on the Link given below.

B.Tech Question Papers :

M.Tech Question Papers:


Sl NoSubjectNo.of Volumes Print BooksNo of Volumes E-BooksGrand Total
2Electrical & Electronics17345612295
3Electronics & Communication2196702266
5Computer Science26194663085
6Applied Science & Humanities24317493180
7Placement & Training198 198
8Others784 784



BranchAvailable National JournalsMagazinesAvailable International JournalsGrand Total
Civil8 513
Electrical61 7
Computer Science7119
Mechanical7 18
General 3 3

*As on 04/10/2023                 

Subscribed E-Journals

Sl. NoPublisherBranchE-ContentWebsite addressAccess Details
1IEEECSE, EEE, ECE, etc.IEEE-ASP Package (161 e-journals, Back file access since 2000)http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/DIRECT ACCESS THROUGH IP ADRESS ANYWHERE IN THE CAMPUS
2J-Gate PlusEngineering & Technology4451 Indexed E- Journals, Full text E-Journals 4848 (Ejournals from Web of Science /Scopus are also included)http://jgateplus.com/search/DIRECT ACCESS THROUGH IP ADRESS ANYWHERE IN THE CAMPUS
3IETE Journal of ResearchGeneral Referenceresearch / academic oriented papers based on original work and technology reviews on emerging topicshttps://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/tijr









IETE JournalGeneral Referencefeatures design / development oriented papers and state-of-the-art reviews of topical interest.https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/titrDIRECT ACCESS THROUGH IP ADRESS ANYWHERE IN THE CAMPUS





IETE Journal of EducationGeneral Referencea supplementary resource to the students for preparing for their qualifying examinations and broadening their understanding of concepts.https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/tijeDIRECT ACCESS THROUGH IP ADRESS ANYWHERE IN THE CAMPUS
4. New Member Guide

Circulation Policy

Library Membership

  • For the membership all students and staff members and have to register at library for utilizing the facility.
  • All members are eligible to check out materials for home use, or for use in the library.
  • To borrow books from the library you have to collect Library Membership form in the circulation counter.

Loan Periods / Account Limits

              CategoryNo. of BooksPeriod of LoanNo. of Renewals
B.Tech Students414 Days 3 Times
B.Tech Students (Book Bank Scheme)One text book for each subjectEntire Semester


(For S1 & S2)

M.Tech Students614 Days3 Times
Faculty81 Month3 Times
Visiting Faculty41 Month3 Times
Non-Teaching Staff21 Month3 Times


Books, if they are not reserved, can be renewed up to three times. The details required for renewal are Name or Accession number of the book.

New Arrival Display

Newly arrived documents shall be displayed. Documents on display shall not be issued for a period of one week.  However, advance booking for such books are entertained.

Digital Library – DSpace

Members can access Online databases, Free e-journals, Free e-books, Old question papers, Syllabus, etc., through DSpace Digital library.

5. Library Rules & Regulations
  • Members shall not bring personal belongings (bags, text books, files, printed materials etc.) into the library. Members may leave them at the property counter.
  • Students should write their name, time of entry and exit in the Gate Register kept at the entrance of the Library.
  • Members are requested to maintain absolute silence in and around the library. Reading halls are meant for individual study only.
  • Members shall not engage in conversation (including subject discussions) in any part of the library so as to cause disturbance to any other reader.
  • Members shall not write, damage or mark on any book/periodical belonging to the library.
  • Users are not permitted to alter the arrangements of tables, chairs, etc., in the library.
  • Keep the Library premises neat and tidy.
  • The librarian reserves the right to suspend the membership of any member found misbehaving in the library.
  • Books returning and issuing time is 8.30 am. to 5.30 pm.
  • Books borrowed from the library shall be returned within the due date. Those who fail to do so will be liable to pay a fine of 1 per day per book for the first week of default and Rs.5 per book per day thereafter. If a book is not returned within 15 days from the due date, an amount decided by the Principal / Manager will be recovered.
  • The members tearing pages of books/ stealing books will be suspended forthwith from using the library facilities and the Librarian will recommend further disciplinary action against them.
  • Before getting the books issued, the students should check the status of the book condition, and if any pages are found to be missing, should inform the Librarian.  At the time of returning, if pages are found missing in the book, the student should replace it with the latest edition of the book, otherwise an amount decided by the Principal / Manager will be recovered.
  • Entire volume cost will be recovered for the document (lost/damaged) which is a part of multi volume/issue set.
  • Members should return the books borrowed from the library before they proceed on a long period of leave (15 days or more) and obtain a `No due Certificate` from the library.
  • Books, journals, other documents, library equipments, etc., should be handled with care.
  • Students are requested to switch off the fans before leaving the library.
  • Students shall strictly follow the instructions given by the librarian.
6. Library Facilities
  • AISAT follows an open access system.
  • Fully computerized services.
  • Books arranged on Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) System with KOHA.
  • OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
  • Separate section for Periodicals, News Papers, Book Bank, Project and SeminarReports   etc.
  • Department Library
  • Wi–Fi networking systems.
  • CC TV Surveillance to monitor the movements of users.
  • Book Bank Facility  
7. Library Services
  • User Orientation
  • Reference services
  • DSpace Digital Library
  • Lending Services
  • User Study
  • Current Awareness Service
  • Display of New Arrivals
  • News Paper clippings
  • Use of Non Book Materials
  • Reprographic services
  • Online journal Access.
  • Previous year question papers
  • User Motivation Service
  • E-Mail Alert Service
8. Library Downloads

The members have to fill up the registration form for becoming a member of the library. Download the membership form, fill up the details, attach photo and submit to the librarian.

The following forms can be down load:

  1. Library Membership form for Students
  2. Library Membership form for Staff
  3. Books Suggestion Form
  4. Periodicals Suggestion Form
  5. Library Feed Back Form

Librarian: : Sussana Joseph, [email protected]

Asst. Librarian: Sony P.T, [email protected]

10. New Arrivals

New Arrivals

Library Facilities @ AISAT

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