Instructions for manuscript preparation:

Manuscripts should be specially prepared for publication in AJSET Journal and submitted 
electronically via online through google form link:

Format: The required format of the manuscript is in the two-column template with figures and captions included in the text. The template for Papers in latex can be downloaded here .

Please follow instructions given in the template.
Text: All text should be in Times New Roman font. For Paper submissions, the main text is 10- point, abstract is 9-point font and tables, references and captions are 8-point font.
Pages: Number of pages should be in the range of 4-10.
Figures: Figures should be easily viewed on a computer screen. Please do not attach separate
tables and figures in the initial review process as they are only required after acceptance.
Figure Text: Use large lettering (10 to 12-point font), and label axes carefully.
Affiliations: Authors should provide their complete affiliations and contacts in the submission
record, otherwise the submission will not be accepted
Please note, only manuscripts submitted electronically will be reviewed.
Use of the International System of Units: Only SI units and those units recognized for use
with the SI are used to express the values of quantities.
Note for students: The final year project work may be converted in to Journal paper and can
be submitted as per the specified format.

Sample Format

Guide Consent Form
Sample Format
LaTeX Template