Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) works towards realization of the goals of the quality enhancement process of the institution and its sustenance. The motto of IQAC is to achieve quality in academic and administrative activities of the Institution through continuous improvement with cooperation of all stakeholders of Albertian Institute of Science and Technology (AISAT).
IQAC monitors the quality aspects of academic and administrative activities of the institution to internalize a quality culture in the institution through Quality Management System (QMS) adopted by the institution and based on guidelines from the affiliated university. IQAC is constituted in AISAT under the Chairmanship of the Head of the institution with heads of important academic and administrative units along with a few selected faculty members, distinguished academicians and representatives of local management and stakeholders.
NBA – CE – Accreditation
Quality Iniatives 
Internal Quality Assurance Cell :
IQAC executive committee is constituted to facilitate execution of decisions of IQAC and Internal Management Committee
  1. Prof. Dr. S. Jose, Principal – Chairman
  2. Rev. Fr. Denny Mathew Peringhatt, Manager – Management Representative
  3. Rev. Fr. Manoj Francis Marrotikal – Management Representative
  4. Prof. Paul Ansel V- Vice Principal
  5. Prof. Kanaka Xavier– KTU Co-ordinator
  6. Mr. Leonard John C – Administrative Officer
  7. Prof. Anu Antony – IQAC Co-ordinator
  8. Prof. Thomas Felix – IQAC Joint Co-ordinator
  9. Prof. Sebin Jose – IQAC Joint Co-ordinator
  10. Prof. Arun V, ISO Management Representative, Internal Audit Cell Convener
  11. Prof. Liji Anna Mathew – DQAC Co-ordinator, Dept. of Civil Engineering
  12. Prof. Divya Mohan – DQAC Co-ordinator, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
  13. Prof. Sonu K Varghese – DQAC Co-ordinator, Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering 
  14. Prof. Avinesh Pyarelal – DQAC Co-ordinator, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering 
  15. Prof. Deepu John – DQAC Co-ordinator, Dept. of Electrical and Electronics Engineering 
  16. Prof. Dhanya George – DQAC Co-ordinator, Dept. Of Applied Science and Humanities 
  17. Mr. Hibi Eden, Member of Parliament from Ernakulum – nominee from local society 
  18. Dr. Anil Joseph, Secretary, IGS – Kochi Chapter & Managing Director Geo Structurals Pvt. Ltd., Kochi – nominee from Professional body 
  19. Mr. Jacob Rajan, Director, Scaleios Pvt. Ltd., Kochi – nominee from Industry 
  20. Dr. Bobby Johns, PTA Vice President – nominee from Parents
  21. Mr. Subin Varghese, College Union Chairman

Audit Reports – KTU         

Academic Year 2021-22