GO GREEN CHALLENGE is an initiative to inspire students to explore and propose their innovative ideas for sustainability. As a part of GO GREEN CHALLENGE, the students are encouraged to visit sites/ Industries/organizations that have implemented sustainable green technologies and submit their ideas that can be implemented in our campus.

Theme: AISAT for Sustainable Green Technologies

Important Dates

Last date for registration: 5th June 2023

Last date to submit your presentation in pdf format: 30th June 2023


  • Students of AISAT can register for the challenge individually or as a team (max 5 members)
  • Students should visit the Site/industry/organization of their choice and explore how the sustainable green technologies are being used to improve their operations
  • Students are required to make a presentation that showcases the technologies used by the industries or organizations they visited.

 The presentation should include:

  • Introduction

Provide a brief overview of the purpose of the visit with focus on green initiatives.

  • Objectives

State the objectives of the visit, such as learning about the green initiatives implemented by the organization/institution and understanding the environmental impact of its operations.

  • Sustainable Green Initiatives

Describe the various green initiatives implemented by the organization/institution that you found most impressive or innovative (support them with photos and data’s)

  • Interaction with Professionals

Discuss your interactions with the professionals in the organization/institution and how their insights and knowledge helped you in understanding the green initiatives and their impact.

  • Observations and Learning

Reflect on the observations and learning from the visit, such as the importance of sustainable practices and the role of technology in promoting green initiatives.

  • Development of green campus

Present an idea how green technologies can be implemented in our campus college campus with feasibility aspects

  • Conclusion

Summarize the key points

Awards for the winners

Selected best three ideas will be awarded mementos and certificate of appreciation


Sample Topics

Low-emission transportation
Recycling and composting
Biogas generation
Green Energy
Sustainable Food
Waste water treatment
Rain water harvesting
Waste management
Paper Free campus
Go digital
E-waste management
Campus garden
Plastic Free campus