ENIAC- Emerging Innovators of Albertian Community was inaugurated on 19th July 2013. In the dynamic realm of college life, the Student Association of Computer Science and Engineering emerges as a hub of innovation, learning, and collaboration. Established to unite like-minded computer science enthusiasts, this association is a vibrant cornerstone of academic and personal development in the college community. The primary mission of the ENIAC –  Student Association of Computer Science and Engineering is to foster a sense of community among students passionate about technology and computer science. Our core objectives include:

  • Knowledge Sharing: We facilitate the sharing of knowledge, skills, and experiences among students, creating a fertile ground for intellectual growth.
  • Networking: Through our events, we connect students with peers, faculty, and professionals in the field, creating opportunities for mentorship and career development.
  • Innovation: We inspire and incubate innovation, encouraging members to explore the cutting edge of technology and turn their creative ideas into reality.
  • Outreach: We engage with the wider college community through outreach programs, workshops, and events that promote digital literacy and the wonders of computer science.

Office Bearers 2023-24

President : Mr.  Muhammed Zameil

Vice President : Ms. Ann Mary Anil

Secretary : Ms. Soumya Annie Thomas

Joint Secretary: Mr. Swalih Zamnoon

Treasurer: Ms. Andria Rose

Student Representatives : Ms. Aadheena Fathima, Mr. Joe Sunil, Ms. Nila Chandhana, Ms. Atul Ratheesh, Ms. Misha T.G