Staff  in Charge  :  Milna M J

Location             : A 203

ECE Department Library has about 104 books related to various fields in electronics like Digital communication, Signal processing, Antenna theory and design etc . It is also a store house of lab manuals, previous year question papers and lecture CDs. It holds various reports like mini project, seminar, main project of  ECE students. Library also has the collection of AISAT newsletters and paper clippings of recent trends in electronics.

Text books & Magazines

Text books include the following areas :

Area No. of copies
Electronics Engineering 17
Analog & Digital Communication 43
Wireless Communication & Networks 24
Microwave Engineering 5
Signal Processing 18
VLSI & Embedded Systems 23
Microprocessor & Microcontroller 27
Optical Communication 6
Networks 4
Others ( magazines, GATE, guides, Handbooks) 71
Total Number 217


Labworks  related to different fields in electronics like :

  • Analog circuits lab I & II
  • Logic design lab
  • Digital electronics lab
  • Electronics circuits & communication lab
  • Analog communication lab
  • Signal processing lab
  • Advanced coomunication lab
  • Microwave lab

were also included in the department library.

Previous year question papers

Previous year  M.G.University question papers of  about 5 copies from semester 1&2  to semester 8  in the year May 2005- May 2015 were stocked in the department library.

Videos & Text book CDs in Digital Media

1) Text book CDs

Soft copies of textbooks available are :

  • Microelectronics circuits theory & application
  • Digital Control
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Digital Principles & Design
  • FDP electronics in medical diagonosis.

2) NPTEL Videos

SUBJECT Professor Institution
Digital signal Processing Prof. S.C. Dutta Roy IIT Delhi
Solid State Devices Prof. S. Karmalkar IIT Madras
Electromagnetic Theory Prof. Harishankar Ramachandran IIT Madras
Communication Prof. Surendra Prasad IIT Delhi
Information Theory and Coding Prof. S.N. Merchant IIT Bombay
Digital cirucuts and systems Prof. S. Srinivasan IIT Madras
Digital Image Processing Prof. P.K. Biswas IIT Kharagpur
Control engineering Prof. M. Gopal IIT Delhi
Digital System Design Prof. D. Roychoudhury IIT Kharagpur
Digital Communication Prof. Bikash Kumar Dey IIT Bombay
Wireless Communication Prof. Ranjan Bose IIT Delhi
Signals and Systems Prof. K.S. Venkatesh IIT Kanpur
Circuit Theory Prof. S.C. Dutta Roy IIT Delhi


Publications like Wiley India, cengage,CBS, New Age International, Artech House, oxford, Mc Graw Hill, PH India (PHI), Charles river media, Elsevier,NAT, Prentice Hall, code Noll, scitech, CRC, new age, rajath , GK, are most commonly available in the library.

Seminars & Reports 

Batch No. of Miniproject Report No.of Seminar Report
2013- 2013 (Ist batch) 38 38