We intend to promote the IC Engine Research in young aspirant engineers to come up with new ideas that would enhance the performance, reducing the fuel consumption and thereby the emission.  Due to the stringent emission norms and the fuel depletion, it is inevitable to come up with such research works. The global warming caused by the greenhouse gases is yet another problem faced by the automotive industry as the fuel used are hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide will be one of its end product.

The centre aims to promote the research activities related to the performance enhancement and thermodynamics and acoustic analysis of Internal Combustion engine. Currently, the research works are going on in the fields related to the thermodynamic and acoustic analysis to predict the engine operating parameters. Also, the research works related to the computational analysis of the flow through the engine manifolds are also under progress. The experimental facilities for studying the performance of IC engine and turbo-chargers are progressing.


Those who wish to do the theoretical and computational analysis related to Internal Combustion engine are welcome.

The works done so far includes: