Mechanical Measurements Lab


Mechanical measurements lab gives a technical ambience and familiarization of various precision, calibration and measurement equipment used in the mechanical industry and provides hands-on training with testing and measurement of various specimens using the precision instruments available in lab. The various parameters measured using the instruments include torque, vibration levels, sound levels, temperature, rotating speed, [...]

Mechanical Measurements Lab2015-10-19T12:14:32+05:30

Heat Engines Lab


Heat Engines lab helps the students to familiarize with various types of IC engines (both petrol and diesel) and conducting load tests on them. The lab also has Refrigeration and Air Conditioning test rigs as well as facilities to analyse and understand heat flow during various processes. The student also can also determine the absolute [...]

Heat Engines Lab2015-10-19T12:10:46+05:30

Machine Tool / Advanced Machine Tool Lab


A machine tool is a machine for shaping or machining metal or other rigid materials according to the design provided, usually by cutting, boring, grinding, shearing, or other forms of deformation. The Machine Tool lab provides the students with a chance to study and operate different machine tools like lathe and drilling machine. The students [...]

Machine Tool / Advanced Machine Tool Lab2015-10-19T12:10:08+05:30



CAD/CAM lab is a fully air conditioned laboratory equipped with 36 work stations and one printer. The system specifications are Intel core i5 – 4570 CPU @ 3.2 Ghz (35 nos) and Intel Xeon CPU-1225 @ 3.2 Ghz (1 no). Each one contains 8 GB DDR3 RAM, 1 GB graphics card and 500 GB HD. [...]

CAD/CAM Lab2015-10-19T12:09:29+05:30

Fluid Mechanics / Hydraulic Machines Lab


Fluid mechanics is one of the core sections in the Mechanical Engineering field dealing with the fluid properties, type of flow and the equations governing the behaviour of fluid. The students are given exposure to the various theory portions covered in the syllabus by the experiments arranged in the Lab. This well-equipped lab is suitable [...]

Fluid Mechanics / Hydraulic Machines Lab2015-10-19T12:08:57+05:30

Mechanical Engineering Workshop


The Mechanical Engineering Workshop was established at the institute in the year 2012. The Workshop is organised into 4 sections – Fitting, Carpentry, Smithy and Foundry- and is housed at the administrative block. There is also provision for study of some basic machine tools and for obtaining weld joints. This workshop will cater to the [...]

Mechanical Engineering Workshop2015-10-19T12:08:23+05:30
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