The Electrical Measurements lab works under the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The lab is equipped with latest technologies in electrical energy measurement and instrumentation such as Kelvin Bridges, Wheatstone’s bridges, energy meters, digital multi meters, flux meter etc. It ensures that the students become experts in practical knowledge related to electrical [...]

ELECTRICAL MEASUREMENTS LAB2017-06-27T14:30:24+05:30

Control and Simulation Lab


  Control systems  studies on how to manipulate the parameters affecting the behavior of a system to produce a desired or optimal outcome. The tools that form the body of knowledge, known as control theory, are applicable to a wide variety of systems, including electrical, mechanical, chemical, biological, economic, and social systems.This laboratory serves our [...]

Control and Simulation Lab2017-06-28T20:10:03+05:30

Power Electronics Lab


  The Power Electronics lab under the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering enhances the students by providing them a platform for the better understanding of the concepts and working of advanced power semiconductor devices and power electronics circuits. This lab is set up to kindle the passion among the students to develop their own [...]

Power Electronics Lab2017-06-28T20:11:57+05:30

Electrical Machines Lab


  The objective of the laboratory is to provide the students a chance to put theory into practice. It also encourages the students to troubleshoot the system in organized and established mannerBesides, the lab instills in the students the awareness and practice of safety. The Electrical Machines lab under the department is equipped with electrical [...]

Electrical Machines Lab2017-06-27T14:32:16+05:30

Electrical Workshop


  The lab is used for course introduction to electrical engineering. Here the students are given given hands on training in electrical wirings. They are given a basic idea about the operation  and power consumption of certain electrical appliances such are mixies, iron box,pumps, fan etc. Students are familiarised with various electrical gadgets like switches, [...]

Electrical Workshop2017-06-27T14:33:43+05:30
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