Computer aided Design Center


  Comprehensive Knowledge in Civil Engineering software play a pivotal role in shaping up the engineers competent to the present day construction scenario. The center has the modern computers of latest configurations. The computer center is equipped with sophisticated software facilities for training UG and PG students in areas of structural, geotechnical and project planning. [...]

Computer aided Design Center2017-06-22T20:56:52+05:30

Survey Laboratory


  The planning and design of all Civil Engineering projects such as construction of highways, bridges, tunnels, dams etc. are based upon surveying measurements. Moreover, during execution, project of any magnitude is constructed along the lines and points established by surveying. The laboratory has modern instruments which are extensively used in order to edify the students about the [...]

Survey Laboratory2017-06-22T20:58:07+05:30

Transportation Engineering Laboratory


  Transportation has always played an essential role in the development of society, originally with regard to trade routes and harbors, but more recently with regard to land and air based systems as well. The main objective of developing transportation engineering laboratory is to provide a platform for the B Tech students for practical implementation [...]

Transportation Engineering Laboratory2017-06-22T20:59:01+05:30

Material Testing Laboratory


   Material testing laboratory familiarizes the students with the testing procedure of materials used in civil engineering discipline like - cement, aggregate, concrete, steel timber, bricks etc. The need for compliance with current standards and specifications for materials is also stressed in the course. The laboratory facilities are provided in such a way that it [...]

Material Testing Laboratory2017-06-22T21:00:38+05:30

Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory


    Since the inception of Geotechnical engineering laboratory, all the faculties, students and associated lab staff have dynamically contributed for the progress of the laboratory. The laboratory caters to the needs of graduate as well as post graduate (Goemechanics & structures) students of the civil engineering department. The laboratory is well equipped to execute [...]

Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory2017-06-22T21:01:50+05:30
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