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Language Lab  is  exclusively designed for developing the communication skills of the students. Lab consists of 30 client systems with a configuration of  Intel Core i3/3.1 Ghz Processor/ 18.5″LED View sonic  Monitor and headphone ,and a Server  system with a Configuration  of Intel Xeon X3430 Processor, Clock speed 2.4Ghz, webcam and high tech-headphone gear. Language [...]

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ENGINEERING PHYSICS LAB Laboratory experiments enable students to gain experience of physical concepts through the measurements of the physical quantities and the conduct of experiments. As engineers of the future, the students are expected to know how to apply the concepts in physics in engineering. They are, therefore, introduced to making quantitative measurements in real [...]

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ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY LAB The Engineering Chemistry Lab enables the undergraduate students to apply and demonstrate the theoretical concepts of Engineering Chemistry. The lab can accommodate a total strength of 70 students in a single session. Lab Equipment’s: PH meter, Conductivity meter, Potentiometer, Colorimeter, Analytical balance, Four Digital Balance   Faculty in Charge: Prof. Raju P

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