Conducted by             :           FLAME, Mechanical Engineering Association, AISAT

Date and Time            :           28th November 2021, 11.00 am to 12:00 pm

Resource Person         :           Dr. Anties K Martin, Technical Sales Engineer, Comsol Multiphysics India

Faculty Coordinators  :           Prof. Roy Varghese                 

            The Expert Talk started at 11.00 am, attended by staff and students from various institutions. The welcome speech was delivered by Prof. Nisha B Nair. This was followed by the session on “Biomimetics” by the resource person.           

            The resource person began with a small introduction to biomimetics. He elaborated on the areas that we use the designs in nature to solve our problems. He argued that designs using biomimetics are more energy efficient and less harmful to the environment. He also elaborated on the effectiveness of propulsion systems designed based on dolphins in stealth maneuvers. Dr. Anties also briefed about his research in the field of biomimetics. A good number of questions came from participants and these were answered convincingly by the resource person.           

            Vote of thanks was delivered by Mr. Joel George Edackattil (student, S7 ME). Overall, the talk was very informative and enjoyable to the participants.