Resource Person         :           Mr. Hamsa V Bava (Chemical Engineer), Director, Petro field training

The Webinar started at 10.30 am on 12th June 2021, attended by staff and students from various institutions. The welcome speech was delivered by Mr. Jayesh K S, student, S6 ME. This was followed by the session on “Opportunities in Oil & Gas Industry” by the resource person.

The resource person began with the importance of Oil & Gas Industry by listing out the various products that we use in our day to day life that owes its existence to the industry. He followed this with a brief overview on how Oil & Gas obtained from nature is processed and converted to the products that we use. He elaborated on the various job opportunities provided by the industry. He also touched on the companies under Oil & Gas Industry. A good number of questions came from participants and these were answered convincingly by the resource person.

Vote of thanks was delivered by Mr. Joel George Edackatil (student, S6 ME). Overall, the webinar was very informative and enjoyable to the participants.

Faculty Coordinators  : Prof. Roy Varghese

Student Coordinators :

Mr. Jerry Thomas

Mr. Joel George Edackatil

Mr. Jayesh K S