Webinar on “Genetic Algorithm”

Conducted by : FLAME, Mechanical Engineering Association, AISAT
Date and Time : 1st May 2021, 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Resource Person : Mr. B Nitin, Ph.D. Research Scholar, IIT Kharagpur
Faculty Coordinators : Prof. Roy Varghese (ME)
Prof. Jayesh Johnson (ME)
Student Coordinators : Mr. Jerry Thomas (S6 ME)
Mr. Joel Edackatil George (S6 ME)
Audience : AISATians
No: of Participants : 80

The Webinar started at 5 pm, which was attended by staff and students from various departments of AISAT. The welcome speech was delivered by Mr. Jerry Thomas (student, S6 ME). This was followed by the session on “Genetic Algorithm” by the resource person.
Genetic Algorithm (GA) was explained right from the very basics and in such a manner that even audience with no prior knowledge on the topic could comprehend well. The wide possible use of GA in the field of advance research of complex problems was enumerated with the help of easy to understand examples. The use of GA as a tool to solve complex engineering problem with many variables involved was the key take away from the session. The possibility of such topics to kindle the thirst for lifelong learning along with opening window to modern tools in engineering was the motive behind organizing such an event and the feedback obtained from participants at the end of session affirms the success of the same. A good number of questions came from both staff & student participants and these were answered convincingly. A cheat sheet containing the basic formulas and intro to GA was shared to all participants by the resource person. Vote of thanks was delivered by Mr. Joel George (student, S6 ME). Overall the webinar was very informative and enjoyable to all participants.