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Shortlisting criteria 

  1. A team should consist of not more than 4 members.
  2. The Project should have a prototype or working model or proof of concept which can demonstrate its utility. Innovations with higher utility or problem-solving capacity and with higher potential to commercialize and scale up fast are more likely to be selected. 
  3. The innovation should address wider application areas and new opportunities, which are either beneficial to the people or have the potential to cause disruptive impact at the current industrial level 
  4. The Project must be original and should not by any means include copied or plagiarized work
  5. The Project should target to solve at least one existing industrial and social challenge 
  6. One Project from each branch is eligible for Project fund in the first stage. The next stage may contain more projects.

Terms and conditions 

  1. A maximum of Rs.5000 will be granted for completing the Project (depending on the project cost/budget). 
  2. The cheque will be issued in the name of the Guide (project). Guides should ensure the proper utilization of funds. 
  3. 20% fund can be utilized to attend training programs (e.g. Android training, Arduino workshops, Matlab workshop etc.). A copy of the certificates and Bill Invoice should be submitted. This is not mandatory for all students.
  4. 60% fund can be utilized for purchasing components/materials for developing prototypes. Bills Invoice should be submitted. 
  5. At least 20% of the fund must be utilized for attending national, international conferences before June 2021, and certificates for the same should be submitted before July 1st. If any team has not presented their work in conferences, 50% of the total fund should be returned to the IEDC account. Guides are responsible for the students to attend conferences. 
  6. Wherever they are presenting this project work, they must include in their presentation that this project is funded by AISAT IEDC and Kerala Startup Mission. 
  7. The team should mention the financial support received in their final project report. 
  8. If the team converts the idea into any commercial product or startup, the support received from IEDC should be acknowledged. 


  1. The selection and release of funds will be based on the evaluation in the online mode.
  2. Each team will be allotted 10 mins to pitch their idea/work before an expert committee. This will be followed by a Q&A session.
  3. The decision of the expert committee will be final and binding.