A foot operated Mist sanitizer dispenser was handed over to the college by S6 ME student Mr Anchalo Thomson on 10th June 2020. The function was presided by the Principal Prof. Dr. S Jose and those present were the Vice Principal Prof. Paul Ansel and all the HoDs.

This handy & compact equipment dispenses the sanitizer in mist form thereby reducing the wastage of sanitizer being utilized by the consumer during it’s operation as compared to the other conventional sanitizer dispensers. Henceforth this innovative way of mist sanitizing plays a major role in contributing to the action of reducing the corona virus spread within our society.

The foot operated hand wash dispenser was handed over to the college on 27th May 2020 by a group of students under the guidance of Asst professors Jayesh Johnson & Roy Varghese of ME Dept. The product is a hand wash dispenser that is fixed adjacent to a tap and operated by a foot pedal.

The tap as well as the hand wash dispenser are mechanically linked to their respective foot pedals fixed at the bottom of the stand. Both the tap and dispenser can be individually operated with the foot pedals. Releasing the individual pedal automatically shuts-off the water supply and hand wash liquid individually. It is installed in front of the A Block of college.