COVID-19 Innovation Challenge by IEDC

COVID-19 Innovation Challenge is an exclusive opportunity for the students of AISAT to come up with innovative solutions for problems related to COVID-19

Date of evaluation: 25th May 2020


  1. The students of AISAT can participate as a team or individually.
  2. Each team should have a faculty member as guide.
  3. All team members should be from AISAT; no inter-college teams are allowed. However, members from different branches of the college are encouraged to form a team.
  4. A team should propose an innovative solution to a challenge or issue relating to the COVID-19 pandemic and build a prototype.
  5. The team will present their idea and/or prototype before an expert panel during the competition along with the full documentation of the product.
  6. The best 3 ideas/prototypes will be selected for funding and IEDC must be duly acknowledged for the same and mentioned in the product catalogue.
  7. The prototype should be built within 2 weeks after the release of the funds.
  8.  Evaluation criteria will include novelty of the idea, complexity, clarity, feasibility, practicability, sustainability, the scale of impact, user experience and potential for future work progression.
  9. By participating in the Challenge, Applicants unconditionally accept and agree to comply and abide by these Official Rules, and the decisions of IEDC, which shall be final and binding in all respects.