All students of APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University

Dear All,
As you may be aware, the academic council of the University amended the academic regulations pertaining to the conduct of examinations. Accordingly, it is decided to conduct the odd semester exams in odd semesters only and even semester exams in even semesters only. Further, supplementary exams will be conducted only along with the respective regular exams (except for 7 th and 8 th semesters). This is to inform all stakeholders of the University that this decision was taken, at the best interest of students,
to fulfill the following objectives:
1. Timely completion of valuation and publication of results
2. Ensuring a minimum number of instructional days (72 days in a semester)
3. Declaration of final results well within the stipulated duration of 4 years

It is to be noted that a minimum of 50 working days are required in a session for the smooth conduct of end semester examinations of all courses of BTech from 1 to 8 semesters. From 2020 onwards, university examinations are proposed for laboratories and practical also. Hence, a minimum 2 to 3 weeks are to be dedicated for the conduct of practical exams. In short, a minimum of at least 70 working days need to be dedicated for conducting examinations including practicals. Further, a minimum study leave of 10 working days are also to be provided for students for exam preparations. As part of enhancing the technical skills of students, it is mandatory to provide a provision for
internships of two months duration. Since we have students with a wide range of supplementary papers starting from 1st to 8th semesters, overlapping of examination dates are almost impossible.

In addition to the conduct of examination, it is the timely valuation of answer scripts that poses the next challenge. In a session, university is entrusting around 16000 faculty members for the valuation of more than 10 lakh answer scripts spread across 40 centralized valuation camps, through a digital platform. Students are expected to understand the elaborate arrangements that University needs to complete in a session for the conduct of examination and subsequent valuation with its available resources. Considering all these constraints, the University is left with no other option but to limit the conduct of examinations to the respective semesters. This will facilitate the completion of valuations on time besides ensuring fair valuation, and timely publication of results. The ultimate priority of the University in this whole exercise is to declare the results of a batch at the completion of their normal duration of study. We are sure, this will be of great help and support to all students who are campus placed and aspiring for higher education in India and abroad. Of late, the University is in receipt of representations from students and their organizations requesting the conduct of all semester examinations in all sessions. As is known, BTech curriculum stipulates two gates prescribing minimum credit requirements (Gate 1: 26 credits from S1 and S2 for promotion to S5; Gate 2: 52 credits from S1 to S4 for promotion to S7). It is alleged that students are denied of minimum 3 chances to clear the credit requirements for these Gates. Please refer the following table which clearly illustrates the number of chances available/will be made available to the students to clear these credit requirements. This table unequivocally demonstrates that no students from the present batch are denied of minimum 3 chances for fulfilling the minimum credit requirements. University hereby express our willingness to provide additional chances, in case the minimum 3 chances are not made available.
Hence, we request the wholehearted support from all of our stakeholders for the smooth conduct of examinations as scheduled and for the timely completion of valuation to felicitate the declaration of results on time.

Thanking you
Dr. V. Suresh babu
Controller of Examinations