AISAT ICI student chapter organized a one day workshop on Concrete mix design based on the revised code IS10262-2019 for fifth and seventh semester students on 25th July 2019.The workshop was organized to equip students to be abreast with the recent revisions made in the mix design code.

            Theory sessions were held in the forenoon and hands on practice were conducted in the afternoon session. Assistant Professor Neeraj U K enlightened the participants about the Concrete Ingredients and its properties. The influence of ingredients on various properties of concrete are explained in detail by Dr. Bindhumol T V.  Familiarization of the revised code IS 10262-2019 and mix design practice was coordinated by Associate Professor Liji Anna Mathew. This was followed by mix design trials in the laboratory.

            Slump checking trials were conducted for the designed mix ratio by different student groups to achieve a target slump of 75mm. The workshop enabled students to get familiarize with the revised code and also helped the students to learn the art of making concrete by proportioning the ingredients in an optimal way to achieve the desirable properties of concrete. After the practical session, certificates were awarded to all the students.