A workshop on 3D printing was organized by the Association of Department of Mechanical Engineering, FLAME, AISAT on 10th April 2019. The workshop was conducted by an expert panel from Hatchway Academy, Kochi.  The event was inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Joseph Rajan Kizhavana, Associate Manager, AISAT. The inaugural function was presided over by Prof. Paul Ansel V, Principal In Charge, AISAT.

A 2-hour hands-on session was arranged for the students of Mechanical Engineering as part of the workshop. 

The workshop was divided into two parts. The first part was the introduction and theoretical side of 3D printing. They handled the subject by using multimedia facilities. The second part was the demonstration of the 3D printer. They constructed an object using the 3D printer.

The workshop was concluded by the interactive session between faculties and students. More than 50 students attended the workshop.