The annual college Art’s day – Chrysalis was held on 15th and 16th of February, 2019. An art’s day celebration spanning for two complete days was a first in the history of AISAT. The first day consisted of offstage events like poem and essay writing and the onstage events, the main attraction of the day were – Fashion show and Unplugged. House Starks bagged the first prize for the fashion show while House Baratheons won Unplugged.  Inauguration of Chrysalis 2019 was held on the second day by chief guest Actor Mr. Asif Ali. The atmosphere was exhilarating, with both staff and students cheering for him. The second day comprised of the remaining onstage events like crowd puller, funny feet, pair dance, group song, split screen etc. This year stand-up comedy was added. The day culminated with DJ by Lionel Oliver. House Lannisters was the overall champions, with House Targaryens being first runner’s up.