An industrial visit was organized for Mechanical Engineering students to V-Guard Factory Plant. V-Guard wires and cables manufacturing facilities are located at Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu and  Kashipur in Uttarakhand. Both factories put together have the capacity to produce 110 Lakh Coils (in terms of 90 mtr.) and 30,000 Km of Multicore Round & Flat Cables per annum. The factories boast of state-of- the-art technology, both indigenous and imported, with RBD, Wire drawing machines and Bunchers supplied by Niehoff and Triple Layer Insulating Lines supplied by Nextrom, Johann Leimbach, etc.

Students of S4 Mechanical Engineering visited the plant on 23rd February,  saturday. Students got well versed with the PVC compounding methods, copper wire annealing process, bunching process and quality inspection procedures. Students were accompanied by faculty advisors Asst. Prof. Arun V and Asst. Prof. Bipin S. Students had a real time experience on the manufacturing of various electric house wares.