Aiming to provide a new learning level to python, the department of Computer Science and Engineering of Albertian Institute of Science And Technology conducted a workshop on ‘Refreshing Python’.   The workshop was scheduled for two days – 30th Jan and 1st Feb for the students of S2 ,CSE in the Data Base lab.

A session on development of environment designed for Media Computation that allows students to use the Python programming language (specifically, Jython, which is a version of Python implemented in Java) to manipulate images, sounds, and videos. Through which we were able to process am image by lightening it, zooming and many more.

The workshop was indeed a great experience for the students, it showed the path on how to implement the acquired knowledge in the right area thus bearing something fruitful for the students themselves and also for the society. Thus it ended on a good note by spreading seeds to explore more on to the different languages, and the apps and softwares run by them.