Enhanced Learning in python” was a two day python workshop conducted in Albertian Institute Of Science And
Technology, Kalamassery during the dates of 31/01/2019 and 1/02/2019. The workshop was well managed by the tutors of the CS department. The workshop focused more on the industrial and commercial applications of
python rather than its theoretical concepts. Several topics such as image processing, data mining, GUI designing were covered within the short span of two days. Students were provided with the necessary materials and softwares to try out the commands explained in the workshop.
Rather than reiterating the contents of the syllabus, the workshop went a step further and introduced the students to
the worldwide applications of python. It encouraged students to learn advanced topics rather than strictly adhering to the curriculum. Challenging exercises were provided in order to bring out the best from the students. High speed internet was provided for reference purposes. The workshop provided a strong base for enhanced learning in python. The industry nowadays demands employees with high skill set and knowledge in trending topics which may not be a part of the curriculum. Thus students are required to teach themselves in many advanced topics. This workshop
has encouraged students to take up advanced learning during their free time.