On Friday, 1st February 2019 three student representatives of AISAT ASHWAS CENTRE along with Asst. Prof. Neeraj U K  and  Asst. Prof. Annie Bincy as faculty co coordinators and  Mr Antony Thomas, office assistant went to donate a wheel chair as a part of giving back to the community iniative. AISAT Ashwas centre donated wheel chair to Mr Vincent from Njarackattil house.

AISAT ASHWAS CENTRE always makes a yearly visit to the old age homes and this time,  the volunteers of Ashwas  decided to visit the mercy home, Kacherypady on February 2nd Saturday. It is an old age home exclusively for women and there were around thirty ‘grandmothers’ expecting us . About 35 students were accompanied by Asst. Prof.  Neeraj U K and Asst. Prof. Nisha as faculty co coordinators and Mr Antony thomas, office assistant. The students entertained the grandmother’s by singing and dancing. The mercy home inmates were happy and joyed by the presence of AISATIAN’s.