An industrial visit to “MARINE ELECTRICAL AGENCIES Pvt Ltd”. Verna, Goa and “MODEL INFRA CORPORATION Pvt Ltd”. Verna, Goa were organized by the students of third year Mechanical Department (2016-2020) batch. These visits were held on 12-14 of October 2018. 36 mechanical engineering students and one faculty along with two parents attend the informational tour.

The visit to Marine Electrical Agencies started at 10:45AM in the morning after breakfast. The whole team was divided into 3 teams. The students were able to see the making of several transformers and installation of various armature windings and coils. Other informational experiences include the making of heavy duty motors and the efficiency and quality testing of transformers. At 12:00PM the stuents visited the naval museum, got to know more about the various technologies used and the history of the Reputable Indian Navy. The students also got familiarized with the various application of mechanical engineering concepts like Ramjet, Turbojet etc and also saw the famed Rolls Royce engine and various attack objects.

The next day the students visited Model Infra Corporation Pvt Ltd ,Goa. At MIC, the students experienced practical knowledge in manufacturing technology like casting, welding, raw material selection etc. MIC specializes in the manufacturing of JCB buckets and other various heavy duty equipment. The head of that department explained in detail about the work schedule. He also demonstrated the different raw materials used and explained about its working principle. It was a wonderful experience and informative experience for all involved.