Duties and Responsibilities of Office bearers of IEDC AISAT

Chief Executive Officer

 The CEO is responsible for the success or failure of the IEDC. Operations, marketing, strategy, financing, creation of  culture, human resources, hiring, Public Relations, etc


  1. Team building and developing start up ecosystem in our college.
  2. Setting Strategy and direction
  3. Modelling and setting up the IEDC as profitable model. Plan for the revenue generation through innovation and entrepreneurship.
  4. CEO is a part of selection of other office bearers.
  5. Initialize, conduct and coordinate various entrepreneurship development programs.
  6. Allot Student coordinators for each program with the consent of other office bearers, Nodal officer and Assistant Nodal Officer.
  7. CEO is the President of the weekly meeting of AISAT IEDC. It is his responsibility to inform all others about meeting and allot members for presenting previous report, Budget Presentation and other activities.

Chief operating Officer

COO is the backbone of IEDC. All activities are conducted and coordinated by Chief operating Officer.

  1. COO should assist all the activities of CEO in addition to that he/she should capable of taking responsibility of CEO in his/her absence.
  2. Preparation of activity Reports of AISAT IEDC is the important duty of COO.
  3. Planning and execution of Entrepreneurship related programs are the main responsibility of COO.
  4. Allot and select IEDC members for attending number of competitions, hackathons, Exhibitions and workshops.
  5. Equip AISAT IEDC members to attend various coding competitions and project competitions by conducting various technology level workshops (Eg. IOT workshop, Android Workshop etc)
  6. COO should ensure that each IEDC member should attend at least 3 workshops (one must be external) and Maximum number of Project or entrepreneurship related competitions (at least two) until they win a prize for an external event.
  7. COO is the course coordinator of four week online Start up India learning program. Last date of certification is October 29.
  8. COO should prepare Syllabus for Entrepreneurship development program. And Allot Chief Technical Officer to prepare Syllabus for technical Course.

(Team for Executive operations will be consist of CEO, COO and two other members)

Chief Marketing Officer

  1. He/ She and his/her team capable of preparing Notice, Posters, short films and other promotional activities.
  2. CMO should ensure maximum participation of IEDC activities.
  3. of awards and Prizes is a deciding factor of successfulness of CMO
  4. She/he should plan and execute revenue generating programs.

Four Member team will be there for marketing (CMO, CSO and two representatives from 1st and 2nd year)

Chief Finance Officer

  1. Allocation of funds for various IEDC activities is the main duty of CFO.
  2. CFO should maintain an account book for activities and audited by the Assistant Nodal officer.
  3. CFO should collect all the Bills and related documents and keep it in a safe custody.
  4. CFO should ensure the allocation of funds for various activities as per the rules of Kerala Start up mission.
  5. CFO should present Finance statement in weekly IEDC meeting.
  6. Honorarium for speakers, Judging Panels and Invitees for external events are decided by CFO.
  7. Registration fee for various events are also collected by CFO.
  8. Facilities like Food, snacks, stationery items and etc are purchased by CFO.

Three Member team will be there for Finance

Chief Technical Officer

  1. CTO is responsible for conducting technical programs in our campus.
  2. Prepare syllabus for add on course on technical area.
  3. CTO formulates Technical events like hackathons, coding competitions and technical workshops.
  4. CTO is the IEDC representative of AISAT Techfest Tharangam.
  5. CTO is the head of five research group in AISAT IEDC. Ensure proper utilization of fund in their projects is his/her responsibility.
  6. Fund utilization of other technical projects(Main Project, Design Project and Mini Project) also ensured by CTO

Team Technical operations consist of CTO, Five Research group leaders (One from each research groups) First year representative, Second year representative.

Chief Creative Officer

  1. CCO will serve as the creative lead and creative decision maker for projects, workshops and campaigning.
  2. He is responsible or imparting creativity in the IEDC activities.
  3. Impart creativity in marketing skills.
  4. CCO also promotes Activities related to Social Entrepreneurship.
  5. CCO responsible for finding out problems of the society and present it in IEDC meeting for the solution.
  6. CCO is the IEDC representative of NSS and Ashwas

Chief Social Officer

  1. CSO is responsible for Social media marketing, Custodian of Facebook Page, Admin of What Sapp group and other media related activities.
  2. CSO should collect information regarding various events and competitions and pass it to IEDC members
  3. CSO is responsible for finding out various central government and state government schemes for promoting start up and Entrepreneurship.
  4. Chief Editor of proposed IEDC Bulletin.

Women entrepreneurship Development Cell

  1. One lady representative for this post.