Medibed,’ the brainchild of Joseph Sen, Ashwin Stanly, Jeswin Joseph and Shevin K A, developed under the guidance of Nobin Paul, is a path-breaking invention which can beat a traditional water bed.Automated ‘Medibed’ is to aid  the bedridden.

 Innovation is not altering the existing benchmarks, but pioneering change and becoming the new paradigm touchstone, believes a group of final year students of Electrical and Electronics Department of AISAT, Kalamassery. They are all set to leave their inedible mark in the healthcare sector with the invention of ‘Medibed,’ a technology-embedded water bed with automated temperature control and heartbeat alert system that can help bedridden patients.

“Traditional waterbeds can cause bedsores during long-term use. But by using ‘Medibed,’ bedsores can be prevented as water circulation system has been incorporated in it,” says Joseph Sen.

The sensors inside the bed measure the temperature of the patient, thereby regulating the temperature of the water inside the bed. When the body temperature of a patient varies, the sensor will stabilise the temperature of the water inside the bed.

“Another feature of the bed is its heartbeat alert technology. The sensors inside the bed will measure the heartbeat, and abnormalities, if any are found,  an alert will be sent to a relative via mobile phone immediately,” says Ashwin Stanly.

As all the systems are automatically controlled, no human help is needed to adjust settings.

“When we started work on the project, we faced many problems. We, as a team, could overcome all hurdles and the project became a reality,” says Shevin K A.

“The main aim of the bed is to make the life of the paralysed easier. In the next stage, we plan to have tie-ups with hospitals and organisations to commercialise the product and spread the technology to all those who need it,” says Nobin Paul, the guide.

 Music therapy, Apart from temperature control and heartbeat alert, a music system that detects spikes in the patient’s stress and alleviates it by playing soothing music has been incorporated in it. It will help the patient get mental relief, as it’s the same as music therapy.

The product was certified by Dr Ramachandran, a veteran in field of Kerala Health Services. Taking a step forward, the tech geeks are planning to apply for a patent for the product.