The Albertian Institute of Science & Technology, AISAT organized Theory to Practical Training Program on Real time Web and Mobile application for the members of Software Development Cell (SDC). The venue of Program is at Renfos Technologies Pvt Ltd, Infopark Campus, Kalloor. Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is very necessary for any hands-on training program, since its understanding is necessary for any software project development. We are introducing Object oriented programming concepts. With rapid advancement in technology and ever-shrinking product cycles, many developers simply don’t have time to keep up with more than one language.

Proposed system is a web and mobile-based solution that would transform the e-Commerce experience of users. Since this program is interdisciplinary we considered this proposed system is suitable and understanding.

The objective of the training program is to improve the employability for the B.Tech students (Interdisciplinary) in the latest and most demanding web and mobile technologies widely used in the industry with an opportunity to learn and develop a complete project and to train students in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), where a student is trained to design, develop, test and implement application with hands-on experience. After the project, each student will have expertise in all the technologies used in the training program.

The overall objective of the training program is to provide an opportunity to learn the industry standards and skill requirement according to the current market trends so that it brings further opportunity to their career.  For this Program, latest and some of the most demanding and easy to learn technologies are selected.  Making students to develop the real time software in web and mobile application, requires the real time training of the SDC representatives in a software firm for equipping the students to prescribed IT standards.

The program includes the activities to develop an e-Commerce solution in web and mobile application environment as businesses are rushing to join the internet and technology revolutions and new viable competitors are emerging in all industries.

The report details on schedule and priorities- as it forms the introductory strategy for the development of e-Commerce Web Application with Mobile Application Development details following as its work gets kick started and progressed. Students are introduced to various technologies which can use to develop user friendly application. These technologies are selected based on the market study and various discussions conducted with leading IT companies in the industry.


  1. Sandhya N, Asst Professor, CSE AISAT
  2. Anna Babu, Asst Professor, CSE, AISAT