The IEDC club of AISAT engineering college organized “TECHSTROKES 2017” which Splattered paint drops, messy aprons, coloured fingers, working brushes: – this is what the AISAT campus pictured few days ago; it was a perfect colour bombing scenario. .  Nurtured and executed under the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC), a brainchild of Kerala Startup mission. The event will be a three phase stage which would be extending throughout the semester. The first phase was the graffiti competition, a five day event. The branch wise competition was centered on the theme of expressing the different engineering branches in a creative fashion.

Graffiti is slowly becoming a means of showcasing one’s artistic talent, and AISAT college students are taking note. Aiming to make their college campuses lively, besides using it as a means of voicing opinions and thoughts through art, students are getting creative on their campus walls.  The initials days were spent on deciding the patterns and sketching them out on the wall. Various techniques involved in this graffiti event were wall painting, highlighting, masking and taping. The event enabled the students to release themselves from their confined academic engineering lives and thus enhancing their vibrant and innovative thoughts. More than 8 students participated from each team who worked on different levels such as designing, sketching, painting, masking and finishing. Interestingly, college authorities have been encouraging students by providing space to showcase these artworks in the college. The work catches everyone’s attention as they are just at the entrance of the campus.”