The one day faculty development programme for faculties of AISAT, KAIZEN ’17 was held on 6th July 2017 atmadarshan, Aluva. Dept. of Mechanical Engg co-ordinated the programme.  program started with a prayer song. Prof. Vincent k John, vice principal AISAT welcomed the gathering.

The session 1 titled  , “Role of communication skills in teaching” was handled by Mr. Sunil Joseph, MD ,Innovative Industries Edappilly , Who is also a Toastmaster .He presented 8 steps for  improving effective communication in teaching . He also mentioned the importance toastmasters in developing communication skill. He motivated all faculties to join toast masters club. Dr. Babu T Jose presented the memento to Mr. Sunil Joseph As a token of gratitude.

The Second session titled “How to be an effective teacher “was handled by Fr. Dias Antony. Through his dynamic and vibrant way of presentation he motivated all faculties on different perspectives of teaching. He mentioned that the teaching profession is a divine call. Fr. Dias enlightened faculties on the various possible perceptions for the same situation. Through his lively presentation with humour and examples every situation that a teacher faces can have different views in different angles also he motivated us to figure out all the possible reasons for each situation.  He also convinced that we should see things not just by our eyes but also with your heart. Fr. John Christopher, Asst. Manager, AISAT presented the memento to Fr. Dias Antony As a token of gratitude

Then the programme parted for lunch. The Atmadarshan team had arranged a delicious lunch.

The third session of group dynamics were handled by Mr. K V Balagopalan rtd. Director (Training), Abbott laboratories and his associate Mr. Ramanathan. The activity based session kept us energise even after the lunch. The entire faculties were divided into 8 groups and fun filled task were carried out.

The groups were assigned to do a task of constructing a bridge of given dimensions using newspaper and cello tape. Based on the activity he explained various aspects of teaching and methods to improve the same.  Prof. Vincent K John presented the memento to Mr. K V Balagopalan as a token of gratitude.

Prof. P P Premachandran delivered the vote of thanks. The meeting was dispersed by 4.00 pm.