Students:    S8 EEE (2013-2017 batch)

Companies/places  Visited:

1. Poringalkuth Power House- KSEB Ltd;

2.Sholayar Dam

28 students from S8 EEE, along with 2 staff members- Mr. Nobin Paul and Ms. Priya S Pai started journey from AISAT at 6.00 am. The team reached Poringalkuth power house at 9.30 am. Students were divided into two batches and they visited Poringalkuth main power house and also Poringalkuth Extension power house. The officials at power house explained in detail the capacity and operation of different generators installed there. They also gave a brief idea on the upcoming power house there. Students also became aware of use of tail race water for energy harvesting using Archimedes screw principle. It took nearly 2 hours to complete the power house visit.

After spending 15 minutes at the Poringalkuth  tail race water falls area and started to next destination by around 12.00pm.Second destianation was sholayar dam. It the team reached the destination by around 4.00 pm and had food in between the journey . Students got good idea on the construction of sholayar dam and its catchment area.After completing both visits, team returned from sholayar by 5.00pm. The team reached safely at AISAT Technical Campus by 11.00pm.