As part of world health day, the NSS volunteers had conducted a  program to plant  vegetables in the college premises. The base work was started on 5th April and concluded on 12th April 2017.25 grow bags were arranged in order to plant vegetables. NSS volunteer Secretary Sangeetha T and NSS member Anderson Britto invited the Manager Rev. Dr. Clement Valluvassery, Assistant Manager Fr. John Christopher, Principal Prof. Dr. Philip Kurian, and HOD of ASH Dept. Mr. Raju Parameshwaran to the event. Sharon D’Cruz delivered the welcome address. Manger Rev. Dr. Clement Valluvassery took the honor of planting the first plant sampling followed by Principal Prof. Dr. Philip Kurian, Assistant Manager Fr. John Christopher and HOD of ASH Dept. Mr. Raju Parameshwaran. After that the NSS volunteers planted the rest of the samplings. This was an iniative by the NSS to promote organic farming.